5 ways to choose and trust your dentist

Trusting a dentist is difficult. You can't really judge the quality of their work. You have to rely on the dentist's recommendations.

The good news is that the majority of dentists agree with each other. But there is a fair chance that your dentist is doing more work than needed.

Here are some tricks to avoid paying too much.

1. Choose a busy dentist

If the waiting time is very short, it is more likely that the treatment is unnecessary. 

2. Check the prices

Displaying the prices is required by regulation. If the price level is hard to find, you are more likely to pay more than needed.

3. Dress poor

Your look and status make a difference. If you dress like a wealthy businessman, you are likely to be charged more.

4. Don't rush, get a second opinion

Send a signal that you might get a second opinion. Ask for the diagnosis and ask for your X-rays. It helps to lower your bill.

5. Always go to the very same dentist

If the dentist thinks that he might only see you once, he might do more work today.

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This article was inspired by a publication of ETH Zurich. Read it here.