The company

We aim to bring healthy teeth and a beautiful smile into everyone’s reach.

Zaamigo AG was founded in 2021 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland. 

We are an official ETH spin-off, part of the Innosuisse core coaching programme and active in the Y combinator startup school.

Dr. Severin Stalder
Co-founder of Zaamigo

Riccardo Baravelli
Co-founder of Zaamigo

Dr. Tim Duehrkoop
Member of the board

Dr. Gurkirt Singh
Senior deep learning engineer

Linus Kübler
Software engineer

Dr. med. dent. Jana Kleinschmidt
Medical advisor

Dr. med. dent. Alessandro Devigus
Zaamigo ambassador

Dr. med. dent. Lorenza Dahm
Zaamigo ambassador

Dr. Heiko Visarius
Innosuisse coach