Copy of How to connect the camera

The camera should connect automatically with the app when turned on. 

Please follow the steps below in case of connection problems:

Step 1: Charge the battery
It's possible to charge the battery via the base charger or directly with a micro USB cable.
The battery symbol on the camera screen should become visible during the charging process.

Step 2: Attach the tip firmly
Please remove the tip and put it back on in case of doubt.

Step 3: Turn on the camera
Press the "tooth" button until the screen becomes visible (roughly 3 seconds). The screen consists of a wifi and a battery symbol.

Step 4: Start app (Restart app if necessary)
The camera should connect automatically after 30 seconds at most.
The LED of the camera should turn on.
The video stream should be displayed shortly after.

Please remove the "inskam401" network if you added it manually with a passcode:
Go to settings -> WLAN -> inskam401 -> Ignore network

Make sure that the app has permission to access the local network:
Go to settings -> zaamigo -> Local network: Enable (green)

In case of persisting problems, please contact our support: