Your daily habits matter

Tiny behavioural changes on an everyday basis might change everything in the long run. I love the idea of BJ Fogg in his bestselling book “Tiny Habits”. The idea is especially important when it comes to our own health.

Brushing teeth is something we do every day - probably without much thinking. Some people floss, others don’t, even the dentist might not see the difference. At least that’s what most people think.

But we know that these habits matter and our smart tooth camera helps you to see the difference. The result often comes as a surprise. Even some dentists were shocked when they examined their own teeth.

Start taking better care of your dental health today. 


IDS Cologne

What a great fair in Cologne!

We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback from dental professionals.

Here are our favourite interactions at our booth:

  • The inventor of the intra-oral camera came by. He was quite surprised by the look of his teeth and said “oh-là-là!” as if he was watching his teeth for the first time... 😄
  • There was the dentist who was shocked about his calculus build-up. He immediately went to buy a scraper at the next booth to remove it.
  • A security guard probably looked at his teeth for the first time. He said so many times “thank you” as if he got a free dental appointment.We can’t wait to be back to the world’s leading trade fair in the dental industry