Zaamigo's camera helps improve dental hygiene with AI

Everyone in the family keeps smiling with Zaamigo’s dental camera.

Zurich, Switzerland - Zaamigo is excited to announce the launch of our innovative product, a smart camera that analyzes the cleanliness of teeth with artificial intelligence. 

Brushing your teeth properly is trickier than it sounds, and dentists spend a surprising amount of time telling patients that their dental hygiene is not up to scratch. To help tackle this problem, ETH spin-off Zaamigo has launched a new device that lets anyone check how clean their teeth are - and tells them when it's time to visit the dentist. The device, which looks rather like an electric toothbrush, features a miniature camera that takes microscopic images of your teeth and gums. The images are then processed in an app by means of artificial intelligence. As well as providing useful indications of tartar build-up, discolouration and gum inflammation, the software also offers tips on exactly how and where you could be brushing better and whether you need to visit your dentist. The dental camera is easy to use, which makes it a good choice for kids, too. In future, Zaamigo plans to add additional features to the system to help diagnose tooth decay and nocturnal teeth grinding.

- Examine your teeth in your own bathroom
- Early detection of poor dental care
- Personalized tips to improve dental hygiene

Intra-oral cameras used to be so expensive that only dental professionals could afford them. Zaamigo is now making the technology available to everyone.

The camera connects wirelessly to iPhones and iPads. The images are then analyzed with AI. Plaque build-up, inflammation and stains are localized and tracked over time. The app is gamified and actionable insights are presented. 

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Dr. Severin Stalder

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