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Severin Stalder, founder of zaamigo

Here are the top 3 reasons why I founded zaamigo.

Protecting the teeth of my children

It is almost certain that my children will develop dental disease. 92% of adults will suffer from caries, almost half of the population suffers from gum disease.

As a parent, I want to make sure that my children have healthy teeth. 

My own experience

When I was 19, I went to university in a different town. My habits changed and I was too lazy to look for a new dentist. I bought a new electric tooth brush and felt safe. When I finally went to a dentist again a few years later... The dentist not only found one, but multiple cavities.

It feels really strange that we still need to physically go to a dentist to check our teeth. It's 2021!

My professional experience

I was one of the engineers behind the Dentsply Sirona Primescan, a state-of-the-art 3D scanner used by dentists to scan teeth.

It's time to make this technology available to everyone.