Zaamigo’s camera automatically analyses your dental hygiene and helps improve

The secret behind the perfect smile

SFr. 97.00

100% satisfaction guarantee

The most in-depth analytics

The most in-depth analytics

Brushing teeth is something we do every day - probably without much thinking and hardly any feedback.

How well do you brush your teeth? Find it out and start improving your daily habit.


Instant analysis of the images to reveal stains, calculus and inflamed gums


Know which teeth need a little extra care


Check the teeth of everyone in the family

SFr. 97.00

For iphone and ipad


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SFr. 97.00

Lifetime warranty

What's included


Clean your camera easily and share it safely.


Store the camera next to your toothbrush while it is recharging.


8 LEDs ensure that every image is perfectly illuminated.

  • Wireless intra-oral camera
  • Base station for charging
  • USB charging cable
  • Free app for iPhone and iPad
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty
SFr. 97.00

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Zaamigo AG, c/o Impact Hub, Sihlquai 131, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

The Zaamigo software is intended to analyze and improve dental hygiene by assessing the cleanliness of teeth. Both the software application as well as the dental camera are intended to be used by lay persons and solely intended for wellbeing purposes. No diagnostic or treatment decisions are based on the data.