Zaamigo’s camera analyses your dental hygiene and helps improve

Check your teeth yourself

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get insights straight from the inside

While dental visits are important, they are often perceived as expensive and inconvenient. 

Zaamigo's camera analyses your dental hygiene from the convenience of your home - as often as you like.

The images are processed automatically to help you improve your dental care. 

Don't leave your teeth to chance anymore and become your own dentist now.  

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For a healthy and beautiful smile

Instant feedback

No need to wait for your next dental appointment.

Healthy kids,
happy parents

For a lifetime of healthy habits.

Bright teeth

Avoid ugly stains and keep smiling.


25/09/21: We present our product at the world's leading dental fair Link
31/08/21: We are recognised as an official ETH spin-off Link
24/08/21: Our app is approved in the AppStore Link
26/07/21: Zaamigo AG is incorporated Link

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The Zaamigo software is intended to analyze and improve dental hygiene by assessing the cleanliness of teeth. Both the software application as well as the dental camera are intended to be used by lay persons and solely intended for wellbeing purposes. No diagnostic or treatment decisions are based on the data.