Zaamigo’s camera automatically analyses your dental hygiene and helps improve

Check your teeth yourself

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Keep your teeth perfectly clean

 Keep your teeth perfectly clean

While dental visits are important, they are often perceived as expensive and inconvenient. 

Zaamigo's camera analyses your dental hygiene from the convenience of your home - as often as you like.

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Dare to take a look

Brushing teeth is something we do every day - probably without much thinking. 

Some people floss, others don’t, even the dentist might not see the difference. At least that’s what most people think.

But we know that these habits matter and our smart tooth camera helps you to see the difference. 

Know where to brush more carefully

where to brush
more carefully

Start to brush smarter - with the help of Zaamigo's innovative algorithms.

How well are you taking care of your teeth?

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Presented at the world's leading dental shows

We presented our innovation at the IDS in Germany and the Greater New York Dental Meeting.

The feedback was absolutely great and we found many professional customers from around the globe.

Let's protect
the precious teeth of children

Zaamigo was created to help families and motivated individuals to improve their dental care. 

We know that it is hard to brush teeth properly. We have been there personally. 

Our app makes children proud when they realize that their teeth look better than their parents.

Let's preserve their smiles.

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Join our mission

We are working towards an artificial dentist.

Our aim is to make healthy teeth and a beautiful smile accessible to everyone. 

Zaamigo AG, c/o Impact Hub, Sihlquai 131, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

The Zaamigo software is intended to analyze and improve dental hygiene by assessing the cleanliness of teeth. Both the software application as well as the dental camera are intended to be used by lay persons and solely intended for wellbeing purposes. No diagnostic or treatment decisions are based on the data.