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Zaamigo is making dental screenings abundant with AI

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“It helped - I immediately went down to the pharmacy for a new toothbrush and mouthwash”

Brush smarter, not harder

Brush smarter
not harder

We brush our teeth every day - with hardly any feedback.

It's like walking - without seeing.
It's like cooking - without tasting.
It's like singing - without listening.

It's difficult.

Zaamigo's camera provides feedback and makes dental care easy.

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Why dental screenings at home?

Why dental screenings at home?

Dental problems affect nearly everyone

Most dental problems would be preventable

Home screenings only take 2 minutes 

For A healthy smile

For a healthy smile

Improved dental health provides a bounty of benefits.

Fresh breath.
Lower risk of heart disease.
Healthier pregnancy.

A beautiful smile.

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Designed to inspire

Designed to reduce uncertainty.

Designed to empower and take preventative action.

Designed to keep teeth perfectly clean.

Analyse your teeth

Created for children

"I started Zaamigo to take better care of my children's teeth. 

My children now understand the importance of dental care.

They are confident of their smiles."

Severin Stalder

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Our aim is to make healthy teeth and a beautiful smile accessible to everyone. 

Zaamigo AG, c/o Impact Hub, Sihlquai 131, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

The Zaamigo software is intended to analyze and improve dental hygiene by assessing the cleanliness of teeth. Both the software application as well as the dental camera are intended to be used by lay persons and solely intended for wellbeing purposes. No diagnostic or treatment decisions are based on the data.