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“It helped - I immediately went down to the pharmacy for a new toothbrush and mouthwash”

How it works

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The most in-depth analytics

Take the guesswork out of your daily dental care and avoid the pain at the dentist.

Improve your brushing technique

Brushing teeth is harder than you might think. Most people miss up to 40% of their teeth when they brush. 

Zaamigo’s camera takes high-resolution images that are analyzed instantly. You get full visibility over the cleanliness of your teeth.

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Avoid tartar build-up

Tartar is hardened plaque that has not been removed within 24 to 72 hours. It is the breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria - not just the good smelling ones.

Zaamigo’s camera uses AI technology to identify and localize tartar so you know which areas you might miss while cleaning.

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Keep your teeth always perfectly clean

Professional cleanings are important, but tartar might build-up very quickly. There is nothing more important than daily dental care.

Zaamigo’s camera allows you to track the tartar build-up to get your teeth professionally cleaned on time.

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Dental problems affect nearly everyone.

Most dental problems would be preventable.

Home screenings can be much more frequent than dental visits.

Born out of experience

"I had many cavities. I used to have plenty of tartar. Just like most of us. But when I first saw images of my teeth, I instantly wanted to change.

I ramped up my dental care and got rid of tartar entirely. The best part? Our children will do better from day 1."

Dr. Severin Stalder
Founder of Zaamigo


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Our aim is to make healthy teeth and a beautiful smile accessible to everyone. 

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The Zaamigo software is intended to analyze and improve dental hygiene by assessing the cleanliness of teeth. Both the software application as well as the dental camera are intended to be used by lay persons and solely intended for wellbeing purposes. No diagnostic or treatment decisions are based on the data.