Check your teeth yourself

Zaamigo’s tooth camera analyses your dental hygiene using artificial intelligence and helps improve.

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Tooth camera
Tooth camera
Tooth camera
Tooth camera
Tooth camera
SFr. 129.00
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Don't leave your teeth to chance

Most people miss up to 40% of their teeth when they brush.

Don't repeat the same mistakes every day. 

Start to take better care of your teeth today!

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Become your own dentist

Almost half of the population suffers from chronic gum disease that is triggered by accumulated plaque.

Sometimes it accumulates within a few short days. Fight your odds with proper dental care.

Our algorithms instantly highlight ugly stains, plaque build-up and gum inflammations. 

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Protect your smile

Instant feedback

No need to wait for your next dental appointment.

Healthy kids
happy parents

For a lifetime of healthy habits.

Bright teeth

Avoid ugly stains and keep smiling.


"Don't worry about the dentist ever again." - Go.Click

"Jeder denkt seine Zähne wären perfekt..." - RonOrp


25/09/21: Our own booth at the world's leading dental fair was a tremendous success Read more
31/08/21: Zaamigo is recognised as an official ETH spin-off Read more
24/08/21: Our app is approved in the Apple AppStore Link
26/07/21: Zaamigo is incorporated Link


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